A 1971 graduate of Pecos High, she was on the cutting edge of efforts to pass Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972, giving women equal rights to participate in sports and other activities as early as her high school days. Her efforts including a sit-down strike at Pecos High to form a girls team or allow her to play he first time Roybal put on a uniform she did it as a professional player. The Pecos sit-down effort was unsuccessful, and as a result she put on a team uniform beyond the playground level for the first time as a member of the nationally famous All-American Redheads women’s basketball team, a touring professional team, Roybal, and other members of the Redheads were later inducted into the Naismith Hall of Fame as members of the team. She proved her coaching ability at the college level by becoming one of the few Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference coaches with over 150 wins. She was the only Highlands hoops team to go over .500 for twelve seasons in a row. She was the District VII Coach of the Year and the Rocky Mounntain Athletic Conference Coach of the year in 1992., while winning the NAIA District VII title, and competing in the NAIA nationals. She coached girls basketball at Santa Fe Indian School and won two consecutive state titles and a third state finals berth. She is believed to be the first and only Hispanic female athletic director over both men’s and women’s sports in U.S. History.