Doug is known as the “Lion of Fallujah” and also referred to as the “Unapologetic Warrior” was an officer in the United States Marine Corps and member of the CIA’s Special Activities Division’s Ground Branch who was killed in action while serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is best known for his actions during Operation Vigilant Resolve, which were detailed in the book No True Glory: A Front-line Account of the Battle of Fallujah by Bing West and for an article that ran in the Wall Street Journal following his death. As a wrestler, Doug was the first time New Mexico State Champion in any sport at La Cueva High School and the first repeat winner at La Cueva High School. He was undefeated in competition his senior year. Major Zembiec also earned High School All-American honors by placing 4th in the National High School Wrestling Tournament. He attended the United States Naval Academy where he was a collegiate wrestler compiling a 95–21–1 record and finishing as a two-time NCAA All-American. His fellow wrestlers sometimes referred to him as “The Snake” for his anaconda-like grip. Doug was well known amongst his contemporarie s throughout his athletic and professional life for his exceptional physical fitness. His coach, Reginald Wicks, referred to him as “the best-conditioned athlete I’ve ever been around.” Zembiec graduated from the Academy on May 31, 1995; then served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1995 until killed in action in 2007 — serving combat tours in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq.